Dear Doctor Dat…

Dear Doctor Date,
I have always wondered why there isn’t a personals section in the Daily. Until this weekend, I had not put much thought to the lack of this section as I wasn’t in need. I am in need of the anonymity, and the visibility that only a personals or an ‘I saw you … Did you see Me?’ section — or in this case you, Dr. Date)–could provide campuswide.
The Buzz: I saw a guy that seemed to be interesting, intelligent, thoughtful, humorous and gay. I did not have the opportunity to talk to him, because he and I were inadvertently separated. I am not ‘all about’ stalking and freaking this boy out; therefore, save begging for your aid in this matter, I have no alternative method of finding him.
Shall we give it a go, then?
I saw you: caucasian male, light brown to brown hair with frosted tips, freshman or sophomore, average height, average to slender build, T-shirt and jeans, silver watch, white Adidas shoes, left upper ear pierced, on St. Paul Campus afternoon of Saturday Sept. 25, name starts with an ‘A.’
Me: caucasian male, dark brown hair, closely trimmed beard, hazel eyes, average height, average build, white/navy Adidas running shoes, khaki shorts cut off below the knee, long-sleeved T-shirt.
— Caucasian Male

Right. As I understand it, the Daily and/or A&E has tried various forms of personal ads in the past with little success. Newsprint space being an important issue, the attempts at personal ads by this newspaper have been somewhat of failures. Still, judging by the number of wanton singles that show up for my yearly mixers, you would think that a personal ad section would be a big hit on this campus. If enough of you write in, perhaps the Daily would consider it again.
I’ve always been slightly suspicious of personal ads because usually one person’s momentous connection is another person’s everyday life. For instance, when a guy who describes himself as a white male wearing a baseball cap and a T-shirt writes in looking for the blonde woman he saw at the State Fair, doesn’t this describe most of the state’s population? But I understand the situation quite clearly. Most people don’t have the wherewithal to act on the spur of the moment and ask someone out when they have a supposedly momentous connection. Sometimes this connection is ludicrous, such as a guy who smiles at someone while stopped at an intersection. There are times when a legitimate connection exists, but the timing isn’t quite right. I’d really like to know if anyone has ever successfully been reunited through an encounters ad. Write to me if you have.