Moving out of Prohibition

Lawmakers should pass a bill that would allow liquor sales Sundays.

Minnesota is all about progress. Standing in the name of progress is a law that was created nearly a century ago involving the sale of liquor. A new bill going through the Minnesota legislature would allow for liquor stores to do business on Sundays. This bill would reverse an outdated mandate from the Prohibition era that restricted the sale of liquor because Sunday was reserved for religion. This mandate is irrelevant now and should be lifted to help our economy and to catch up with neighboring states. Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL) is representing the bill through the legislature as an extra measure to stimulate the economy. These tough times require us all to support small businesses, liquor stores included. It is a matter of our state economy and we should do whatever necessary to encourage consumers to stay within our state. Some storeowners take issue with not allowing their staff to have a day off during the week. The mandate will not require liquor stores to be open on Sundays, of course, but provide them with the opportunity. Liquor sales increase the amount of tax revenue that the state receives, making it a viable resource for Minnesota. Minnesota, especially in tough times, should display progress and innovation. Lifting this Prohibition-era mandate will allow for Minnesota to be at par with 35 other states that allow for liquor sales seven days a week. In this case, not even religion should stand in the way of benefiting the struggling economy.