Does Bachmann have other options?

Greta Kaul

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., could switch horses midstream if her presidential bid fails, The Star Tribune reports. She hasn’t said she won’t run to retain her seat in Minnesota’s sixth congressional district, where she has a strong base — but it may not be that simple.

Despite early popularity, Bachmann’s presidential campaign has faced two months of bad polls, and it may be running out of money, according to Minnesota Public Radio. But Bachmann says it’s far from over. Only time will tell.

The Republican field for Bachmann’s seat in Congress remains open, though Republican leaders in the district could become candidates: House Majority Leader Matt Dean, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, former gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, state Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer and former state Rep. Phil Krinkie, the Star Tribune reports.

If Bachmann is interested in a future presidential bid, she should head back to Congress, Mark Pischea, a former National Republican Congressional Committee executive, told the Star Tribune. It would help fill holes in her resume that have been problematic on the presidential campaign trail, he said.

She has not earned a reputation as a team player in Congress — her presidential campaign has garnered little support from other Minnesota Republicans in the House.

“Congress is too small for Michele,” Jack Tomczak, a former political director for Bachmann’s congressional campaign, told the Star Tribune.

Furthermore, February redistricting plans could complicate a Bachmann congressional run by removing conservative strongholds from the sixth district. Should she decide to run, Bachmann has until June 5 to file for re-election, though the Republican Party nomination process starts much earlier.