Ex-council member resigns from housing post after scandal

by Kelsey Shirriff

Steve Minn, an ex-Minneapolis City Council member, has resigned as a commission member of the city's public housing authority after it was discovered earlier this year he used fake names to bash a business rival in messages to City Hall.

The Star Tribune reported in January that Minn, who operates Lupe Development, had been using pseudonyms in messages to city council members bad-mouthing Kelly Doran, another prominent developer. Minn's attempt to block projects from Doran and derail his business prompted an investigation from city attorneys. 

Minn resigned from his post as an appointed board member of the MPHA citing his mother's illness and his inability to commit as much time to the MPHA as desired. 

"Having recently been exonerated from unsubstantiated accusations by a third party whom [sic] knows nothing of the MPHA's work, I feel the present moment is idea for my voluntary departure, so a replacement Board member can be apponited," Minn wrote in a letter to the board.