Region’s hospital mishandles body of stillborn baby

Jake Stark

The body of a stillborn baby was accidently sent to a laundry service and discovered by workers Tuesday. 

Police were called to Crothall Laundry, a laundry service in Red Wing, Minn., just before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday when the baby's body fell out of a hospital bed sheet that was being prepared for cleaning. The sheets were traced back to Regions Hospital in St. Paul. 

A Regions spokesperson said the body was wrapped in linens at the hospital morgue, which were mistaken for laundry. 

The hospital delivers about 2,500 babies each year with about 2 stillborn each month. This incident marks the first time the body of a stillborn baby had been lost. 

Regions officials apologized for the incident and are currently sharing information with the Ramsey County Medical Examiner's office, the police departments of Red Wing and St. Paul, and the Minnesota Department of Health. 

St. Paul police will lead the law enforcement investigation into the incident and will decide whether or not it is a criminal matter.