Taking a dip

Local band Poolboy is set to release its debut EP at the 7th Street Entry on Sunday.

Local band Poolboy runs through songs in their practice space on Tuesday night, ahead of their EP release show at the 7th Street Entry on Feb. 28.

Maddy Fox

Local band Poolboy runs through songs in their practice space on Tuesday night, ahead of their EP release show at the 7th Street Entry on Feb. 28.

Austen Macalus

Born in chlorine, electrocuted and dropped as a baby, and taught to read from a weird uncle’s Playboy subscription — this is the off-kilter way Poolboy describes the origin of their music.
In reality, the local band formed a little more than a year ago when lead singer Seth Conover returned back to Minneapolis after a stint in New York City.
More familiar playing solo acoustic music, Conover collaborated with drummer Brett Bjonrud to try something new. The group was rounded out by adding Travis Thorp on bass, Jeff Dreblow on the keys and Johnny Kermott on the cello. 
This weekend, Poolboy will bring their eccentric style to the 7th Street Entry. Releasing their self-titled debut EP this Friday, the band is hosting a release party on Sunday night, with local bands Autumn Kid and Swimsuit Area also performing.
Conover described Poolboy’s style as “agitated psych rock.” Mixing an upbeat indie groove, a little bit of distortion and tongue-in-cheek caustic lyrics, the band gives vibes reminiscent of Modest Mouse. 
As the band’s primary songwriter, Conover explained he has an affinity for the unconventional.
“[Poolboy] is a weird manifestation of my subconscious and my conscious mind meeting in the middle,” Conover said. “It’s relating to the world and searching for some kind of mystical thing.”
This offbeat style is evident the composition of Poolboy’s lyrics, band members said.
Bjonrud pointed to the song “Centerfold,” which was written in in reference to Playboy magazine. 
Another song includes the line, “Focus on your own life, say the online horoscope, stop being so sensitive, learn to take a Pisces joke.”
“I like our songs to be a little surreal and abstract because I think that way and talk that way,” Conover said. “I want it to sound like my own voice — like me just talking.”
Often zany, bitter and sarcastic, many of the songs deal with critiquing cultural norms, discussing privilege and reflecting on self-conflict and doubt, Conover said.
“[There] are these quirky, snarky little lines that are funny, but they make you stop and think,” Bjonrud said. 
Conover creates short origin stories for each song. Though the EP is not a concept project, the stories allow for a more in depth look at each song, he said.
“I like creating tiny stories and giving some context to a song that might be strange or unusual,” Conover said.
The song “Prince Slut” morbidly starts off with, “Celebrate the news of people getting murdered.”
Conover uses the song as a persona throughout many of the songs on the EP. He explained that it is meant to be a reflection of part of himself, allowing him to extend his thoughts to other topics and themes.
Bjonrud said Conover’s unique style is more than just an attempt to reach outside the box.
“[Conover] says some stuff that normally people wouldn’t write about. He talks about things that some people may be afraid to talk about,” Bjonrud said. “He is a very real songwriter.”
Poolboy EP Release
Where 7th Street Entry, 701 N. First Ave., Minneapolis
When 7:30 p.m. Sunday
Cost $5 in advance, $7 at the door
Ages 18+