The Pourhouse to open new location in Dinkytown

The new location will feature food, drinks, live music and art.

An outside view of the Pourhouse location in Dinkytown.

Carter Blochwitz

An outside view of the Pourhouse location in Dinkytown.

Carter Blochwitz

A popular downtown bar and restaurant is coming to Dinkytown.

The Pourhouse, owned and operated by local entrepreneur Jared Golde, will open its second location at the site of the Library Bar in October. Pourhouse owners expect the new bar will fit right into Dinkytown nightlife. 

“The Library was going to close, and we decided that our brand would be a good fit for the area,” said Golde, director of operations for the Pourhouse. “I believe that the Pourhouse will be a nice addition to the Dinkytown area.”

The Dinkytown Pourhouse location is undergoing a significant renovation process to prepare for its opening. Signs on the door ask passersby to “please excuse the mess.”

One of the more notable aspects of the Dinkytown Pourhouse will be its patio space, Golde said, which will be expanded for activities like lawn bowling.

“We’re less of a nightclub, more of an everything space,” Golde said. “We’ll do live music, DJs, sometimes people do poetry slams, readings, even live art and paintings.”

Golde interviewed candidates for various positions during a job fair at Frank from Philly and Andrea Pizza, across the street from the new location, on Friday.  

Several candidates arrived in the first few minutes of the job fair, each vying for positions as security guards, servers and other roles. 

In addition to Golde, interviewers included former Library manager, Joe Berg.

“I am now one of the owners of all the Pourhouses,” said Berg, who previously managed the Library for 12 years. “I have invested in the company and am now strictly doing corporate sales for them.”

Everyone who worked with Berg wanted to keep him around and involved in Dinkytown, Golde said. 

“I think the Pourhouse is going to get very big,” Berg said. “It’s growing at a pretty rapid pace, and I think we have the pieces in place to make it a very successful brand.”

The new location will be 21-plus after 9 p.m., with the exception of 18-plus nights on Wednesdays to let younger students enjoy the venue.

University sophomore Chris James said the new location’s proximity to campus will be convenient. 

“I imagine I’ll go quite a bit more,” James said.

The Pourhouse’s reputation will help the new location compete with other bars in the area, Golde said, like Blarney Pub and Grill and Sally’s Saloon. 

Chris Love, Blarney’s general manager, said they were excited to see the Pourhouse move in.

“Ultimately, we want Dinkytown to be a fun entertainment district,” Love said. “The Pourhouse did a great job downtown, and we encourage any additional business opportunities in the area.”

The new location is set to open Oct. 27 and will be followed by a third Pourhouse location that has yet to be announced.

“It’ll easily be the most unique space on campus,” Golde said. “There is really nothing like a Pourhouse.”