University should scale back athletics department to save money

In these perilous budgetary times for everyone, the University can save big bucks by abolishing or at least scaling way back the athletics department. This department seems to have a life of its own quite apart from the rest of the University and wastes untold amounts of money on matters that have little or nothing to do with education.
If current and incoming University officials and Gov. Mark Dayton have any political courage, they would adopt such a plan as soon as possible. They could urge Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to purchase TCF Bank Stadium and expand it and otherwise revamp it to his heartâÄôs content, all with his own money.
This would prevent the Vikings from trying to extort the state for a one billion dollar stadium like the former Minnesota Twins owner Carl Pohlad did.
The state simply cannot afford to build a new stadium and should reject any plan that leaves the state on the hook for financing one.
I believe one reason the University gets such short shrift from the state Legislature is the arrogant, profligate spending by the athletics department and the endless string of off-field embarrassments brought down on our once-great University by our student-athletes.
Enough, already. LetâÄôs get our social, governmental and educational priorities straight right now.