You’ll have a ball on a sports team

University students too often gloss over the many benefits intramural sports can offer them.

by Maddie Eaton

Intramural sports are a huge program here at the University of Minnesota. From badminton to dodgeball, there’s a team for nearly every sport — and at all sorts of levels. Participation doesn’t usually require expensive gear, nor does it demand extensive experience. Because of this, intramurals are a reasonable, fun form of exercise for students from all backgrounds.
I have never considered myself a particularly athletic person. Gym was probably my most-dreaded class of the day, and I never participated on any of my high school sports teams. Nevertheless, when some of my best friends in college came knocking and asked me to be on their intramural volleyball team, I couldn’t bring myself to turn them down.
I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join. Our team was a “C” league (the least competitive grouping) co-ed volleyball team by the name of “Mouse Rat.” And although almost none of us had any experience playing volleyball, we had a total blast doing it. We found ourselves putting extra time into practices, and we even ended up making it to the playoffs.
In addition to being fun, intramurals are cheap — they charge a flat rate that the team splits. This is good for college students, who definitely don’t need additional charges tacked on to their already outlandish tuition bill. Getting outside and playing some sports also helps students loosen up, hopefully eliminating some stress.
I seriously encourage everyone to participate in an intramural sport. Whether it is hockey or volleyball, joining a team is a great way for students to shed some stress, get some exercise and have a ball with their friends. 
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