Chris Coleman running for another term as Mayor; challengers emerge

by Briana Bierschbach

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman will be running for another term, with full endorsment from the DFL, but will not go unchallenged, according to MinnPost.

John Krenik, a republican, has said he will be in the race and Eva Ng, a first time candidate, also says she’s running as a conservative independent, according to the Pioneer Press.

Looks like the St. Paul Mayoral race is heating up, while the Minneapolis race has slowed down with best-known Rybak challenger Bob Miller suspending his campaing due to family health issues.

The other known (or maybe not) Rybak challenger is John Charles Wilson, who is running under the Edgertonite National Party, which he defines as: 

"A non-traditional Communist party, based on the ideology of Lauraism: the belief that Laura Ingalls Wilder is God, Communism (public ownership of business) is the best form of government, age of consent laws should be repealed, public transit should be returned to the routes, fares, and schedules of 18 September 1970, the Nation of Edgerton should secede from the United States as a Lauraist homeland, and all people, including children, deserve as much personal liberty as possible consistent with public safety and the rights of others."