Australian man stands trial for Wyoming bank robbery

by Jake Stark

An Australian man accused of robbing a bank in Wyoming told jurors Tuesday that he was justified because he gave much of the money to the homeless.

Corey Donaldson, 39, is charged with stealing $140,000 a bank in Jackson  on New Year's Eve. He is acting as his own attorney for the trial. 

Donaldson said he was homeless until last year and often came into contact people who were homeless due to bank foreclosures. The experience drove him to rob the bank, he said. 

Donaldson allegedly robbed the bank by setting up a meeting with the bank manager and telling him four Vietnam veterans were standing outside the bank ready to set off explosives unless he complied with their demands. 

Donaldson has lived in the U.S.. for 20 years. He was arrested on Jan. 23 in Utah with $16,000 of the stolen $140,000, authorities said.