If Overheard comment offended, so what?

by Zeke Cato - University student

I strongly disagree with the overreaction to the Overheard section of the author of âÄúRacism in DailyâÄôs Backtalk PagesâÄù in ThursdayâÄôs Daily.
Like it or not, white privilege is part of the reality of our society, and usually people are going to appreciate the advantages they have due to personal circumstance. In the same way, I used my minority status to my advantage on scholarship and University applications, even though IâÄôve never been the direct target of prejudiced action or inaction.
I also fail to see how a person might suffer from an offhand comment they read in the back of the paper. IâÄôm not saying The Minnesota Daily shouldnâÄôt use judgment when deciding what to publish, but I donâÄôt think that it made the wrong call here. After all, no one has the right not to be offended.