Live Blog: Soccer 11/6 vs. Indiana Senior Night

Mark Mowery

A spectacular November night here at Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium for soccer. Great conditions unlike last weekend. Tonight marks senior night honoring Sara Clancy and Dana Tripp. The Gophers also look to bolster their tournament resume in hopes of qualifying for the College Cup.

Hollandsworth Lawrence McKay Boots Krawczak Kotynski Cummings Beach Burks Moses and Holby to start for the Hoosers Bethke Rouse Eckstrom Solie Bagnall Olson Strahota Rezac Kallman Clark and Parkhill to fill up the lineup for the Gophers 44:15 Bethke serves a ball into the box nothing doing 43:28 Good cross deflected off a defender to Hollandsworth Hoosiers have yet to cross half field 40:33 Hoosier throw in deep in the Minnesota end comes to nothing 36:50 A good pass by Eckstrom sends Strahota towards the box up the right side, her cross is intercepted 32:30 The Gophers are keeping it in Indiana’s end but the chances aren’t quite there yet 31:20 Beach makes an effort towards the net, no shot on goal however 27:45 Throw in deep in Minnesota territory for Indiana its been pretty onesided on possession in favor of the Gophers 26:55 Indiana corner played short no effort on goal for the Hoosiers, however they keep it in the attacking third 26:10 Foul on Indiana 24:50 Another corner for the Hoosiers attempted to play short, Hoosiers force a deep throw in 23:30 Price subbing for Olson for Minnesota 22:26 Rezac crosses into the box to Strahota who misses wide with a hardy portion of the net to work with 19:39 Gophers force a corner, Rezac to take it good ball to the far post but no one can make contact 17:10 Moses with an effot deflected just wide of the goal close call for the defense 16:15 Subs for Hoosiers: Velasquez Herrara for Moses and Samp for Holby 14:41 Rouse with a great turn at the top of the box, beats a defender, shot deflected wide by another Hoosier corner for the Gophres 14:30 Rezac with the good cross, header by Strahota stopped by Hollandsworth great effort from the sophomore forward 13:00 Eckstrom with an efffort from the top of the box grounded just wide of the mark 12:22 foul just outside of the Gopher’s box on Minnesota, Indiana with a good spot here 11:40 Complicated set piece from Indiana with McKay taking a shot just high of the crossbar 9:10 Subs for Minnesota: Phillips for Strahota 7:55 Rezac makes a good run well played by the defense throw in for the Gophers 5:07 Subs for Indiana: Kellin for Burks 4:25 Price with a good run, cross once again intercepted by the Hoosier defense 4:55 Rezac with a cross just punched out by Hollandsworth 2:50 Corner to the Gophers after another effort on goal deflected by the defense nothings from the cross slightly deep 1:15 Scorching cross stopped from Hollandsworth 0:15 Offsides on Indiana Scoreless first half of play at Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium. the Gophers began to control the attacking third near the end of the half and got several chances but the Indiana defenders have been in the right places at the right times, including a few key plays by goaltender Hollandsworth. Halftime saw the Senior Night presentation of jerseys and honors for Dana Tripp and Sara Clancy, who both saw the best year in Gopher’s History in 2008. Second Half 43:00 Strahota working hard to force turnovers by the Hoosier defense 42:10 Phillips with an grounded effort from just inside the top of the box off the left post, had the goalkeeper beat but it just couldn’t find the back of the neylon 39:55 Good through ball from Phillips to Strahota but two defenders converge and no chance is seen 37:10 Rouse through ball to Eckstrom all alone with a breakaway great save by Hollandsworth 33:25 Solie that last women back and makes a good play to keep the ball away from danger 32:15 Sub for Minnesota: Bethke for Phillips 29:32 Strahota streaking down the sidelines makes a run shoots and deflected by Hollandsworth just high of the mark goes out for a corner kick 29:30 Sub for Minnesota: Price for Olson 25:59 Bethke trying to create down the end, the cross is deflected out for a throw in, Bethke draws a foul near the corner a vitual corner kick for the Gophers 25:37 Rezac with a good cross no one could get a piece of it no shot on goal 24:50 Subs for Indiana: Velasquez Herrara for Arnold and Kotynski for McKay 24:05 Bethke drops free kick off to Eckstrom puts it into the box Kallman with a tip on it easy save for Hollandsworth though 22:38 Rezac draws a corner kick but is also down on the play, she’s slow to get up walks off on her own strength Olson on for Rezac 22:20 Bethke with a corner kick, and draws another one 22:05 Bethke again, noting to fruition though 21:10 Another corner for the Gophers 20:40 Price with an ambitious shot headed towards the goal knocked away by the head of a Hoosier defender 19:55 Minnesota is on constant attack as of now, Indiana is on its heels as the Gophers pressure in the attacking third 19:30 Hoosiers cross midfield for the first time in about 10 minutes 17:55 Hoosiers with a free kick near midfield, comes to nothing 17:00 Velasquez Herrara with Indiana’s first shot on goal of the game, Parkhill with the save 16:15 Sub for Minnesota: Phillips for Strahota 14:40 Sub for Minnesota: Rezac for Olson 14:10 turnover for the Gophers lead to another shot on goal for the Hoosiers, Samp with the shot Parkhill the save 12:15 Foul on the Hoosiers, Rouse draws 11:45 Minnesota corner… Bethke crosses to Rouse absolutely incredible header beats the goalie to the left post GOAL FOR MINNESOTA Brilliant play by Rouse off the corner kick the hard work the Gophers have put forth in the attacking third finally gives them a goal 1-0 MINNESOTA LEADS INDIANA leads with just 11 minutes to play Yellow card to Phillips of Indiana for delay of game 10:50 Free kick for Indiana, nothing doing for the Hoosiers 9:51 Sub for Minnesota: Strahota for Phillips 9:10 Yellow card for Lawrence of Indiana 5:53 Goal kick for Indiana.. leads to Gopher throw in 3:40 Strahota gets jacked in the face with a ball…Back on her feet and still playing 2:11 Free kick to Minnesota after a sketchy play from an Indiana attacker :45 Minnesota scrambling to defend the last push from the Hoosiers :20 throw in for Indiana cleared by Minnesota free kcik and that will clinch the game 1-0 MINNESOTA OVER INDIANA to finish the conference schedule and regualr season on a high note. An NCAA College Cup bid is all but ensured with such a strong RPI and schedule