Editorial: Al Franken should resign

by Daily Editorial Board

More facts about alleged sexual misconduct by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., have surfaced since the Leeann Tweeden allegation of sexual misconduct and photo of Franken groping her surfaced on Nov. 16. Since then, more women have spoken of additional sexual misconduct against Franken, a Senate Ethics Committee investigation has begun, and many officials from the leadership of the Democratic Party have called for his immediate resignation.

Amidst the earliest allegations, the Minnesota Daily advocated for a fair and firm response for politicians facing sexual assault allegations and charges, regardless of party affiliation. We stand by this stance, however, at the time, we called for Franken not to seek re-election, in order to allow a candidate who better represents the fight against sexual assault and women’s rights. We wanted Franken to face public opinion and attempt to rectify his mistakes instead of resigning from office. 

However, given the response by other politicians within the Democratic Party and the response of others faced with similar allegations, we urge Franken to resign from his Senate position immediately. In reality, his resignation seems inevitable. Regardless of his position within the Democratic Party and what he stands for, it is clear that his past actions, although alleged, are overwhelming. While the implications of one allegation raised many doubts among the public, the existence of numerous allegations suggest a problem that is far deeper. Sexual assault or misconduct is never acceptable. While the consequences for these these allegations go beyond Franken’s job, he should immediately resign as his past actions do not reflect the principles that our government leaders should adhere to.