Tubby’s 2009 class ranked top-10 nationally

by Trevor Born

After signing four-star recruit Rodney Williams out of Robbinsdale Cooper, the Hoopmaster’s top-20 rankings has the Gophers at No. 10, according to The Daily Gopher. Rivals.com, typically the go-to service for recruiting rankings, only has the 2008 classes ranked. Minnesota’s 2008 class is No. 23. As the guys at TDG point out, Smith was chased out of Kentucky because he supposedly couldn’t recruit, but his successor, Billy Gillespie, isn’t faring much better. Gellespie’s 2008 class, which, like the Minnesota’s, has two 4-star recruits, is ranked just two spots above the Gophers. For Hoopmaster’s 2009 list, Kentucky isn’t even ranked.