Editorial: Students should vote for student government

by Daily Editorial Board

Every year, the student body votes for student government leaders, including Minnesota Student Association president and vice president, as well as the Professional Student Government and the Council of Graduate Students. This year, Simran Mishra and Mina Kian are running against Dobbs DeCorsey and Larranz Guider for MSA president and vice president. For students, voting in the elections is the easiest way to affect change on campus.

From Monday to Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to vote for candidates through a simple process that involves logging on to the website of the All Campus Election Commission. 

On a campus of over 31,000 undergraduate students, 21 percent of undergraduate students voted in the last election. This relatively low figure suggests that many students don’t feel engaged in the student election process or that the student elections don’t really impact their experience as students. The three student governments strive to represent the entire student body. It is difficult for them to meet those standards when only 1 in every 5 students votes. As students on this campus, we need to participate in the election in order for our voices to be heard. All students have some level of interest in how our university is being run. For those interests to be upheld we need to choose the most fit candidates. If the student body is involved in campus politics, then we can ensure the highest number of students will have a more satisfying experience with our university. 

So, simply put, go vote!