Road work will affect bus routes around Dinkytown

The Dinkytown construction project begins 6 a.m. Thursday with detours that will reroute traffic along University Avenue and Fourth Street.
University Avenue between 10th Avenue and Oak Street will be closed to traffic and detoured to Fourth Street. Westbound traffic normally traveling on Fourth Street will be rerouted to Fifth Street.
Changes for bus routes are:
ù Route 13-T Blegen Hall to the St. Paul Student Center will run along Fifth Street instead of Fourth Street. The Fourth Street stop near the Mariucci Arena will be moved to Fifth Street behind Mariucci.
ù The 10th Avenue Bridge Shuttle will now stop on 11th Avenue and Fifth Street, instead of Fourth Street.
ù Passengers who normally board Metropolitan Council Transit Organization routes 2 and 6 on University Avenue must board on Fourth Street, and Fourth Street passengers will find their normal bus stops on Fifth Street. Passengers on 15th Avenue will experience no change.