Civil discourse

Why personally attack a columnist? I believe Scott Laderman to be a good man whose intent is not to hurt or misinform the readership of the Daily, but instead to encourage us all to think in more than one accepted latitude. We’re all aware our country was founded on the ideal that as a populace we are free to express more than one idea and opinion on a subject. In fact, we’re allowed to espouse infinite ways of thinking.

Laderman’s prose, however subversive people might find it, is valuable. This value is clearly evident by the number of passionate responses that can be read for days after his column runs. The conversations his articles lead to are sometimes the best politically-charged dialogues I have with friends and relatives. So kudos to Laderman. Kudos to the Daily. Kudos to any reader that truly thinks about the intention of the author, instead of having the knee-jerk reaction to write in and obtusely trash a columnist and not his ideas.