Another thing to memorize

The University is set to change Campus Connector routes before finals week.

by Aditi Pradeep

Construction on campus has confused much of the University of Minnesota community for years. Next week will be no different, albeit with more finals and projects.

 The University moved some of its Campus Connector bus stops near University Avenue a few years ago due to Green Line light-rail construction. University officials now want to reroute buses back to Washington Avenue starting Dec. 9, which is during a week when students are bogged down with end-of-semester work.

The last few weeks of the semester bring anxiety and strain. As students try to remember both new and difficult things, we should be able to count on the old and the consistent to get us through these stressful days.

The University will bring back the Washington Avenue Bridge Circulator to continue many of its East Bank bus stops. However, it will close Connector stops at Mariucci Arena, the University Wellness and Recreation Center and the intersection of University and 15th avenues. It will open stops at the McNamara Alumni Center, Coffman Union and Blegen Hall.

Finals cause students and faculty to uproot their schedules to take tests in new rooms or at different times. It’s often like starting a class all over again.

The University’s timing may create unnecessary stress for students, staff and faculty. Though the University posted the new stops last month, people likely won’t be familiar with new routes by next week. Postponing the shift just a week would reduce confusion.

Students and faculty have finals, winter break plans and safety in mind. It’s unnecessary to add stress during the busiest part of the semester.

The University should have considered an alternative date before coming to the decision to change its Campus Connector routes.