An unscientific political climate

by Maria Herd — Hamline University student

I was disappointed that the words “climate change” were not mentioned throughout any of the presidential debates.

According to a recent poll by the Yale Project on Climate Change, a large majority of undecided voters say that climate change will influence who they vote for in November. The American people want plans for how to address climate, protect clean air and create more clean energy jobs.

Clean energy jobs are crucial to Minnesota. Currently about 3,000 Minnesotans are employed in the wind industry alone. But if Congress doesn’t take action to renew significant wind energy tax incentives by the end of December, those Minnesotans’ jobs will be at risk. In addition, wind supplies almost 13 percent of Minnesota’s energy.

It also gives us cleaner air to breathe and actively reduces the effects of climate change.

Our candidates need to talk about clean energy and climate change as Election Day gets closer. Furthermore, we need to encourage whoever holds office after Nov. 6 to take action on these issues so that Minnesotans will have a cleaner and healthier future.