Minnesota Minimum Wage Rises This Weekend

by Sadman Rahman

Minnesota’s minimum wage will see a hike up to $9 per hour starting this Saturday, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports.


Small companies with revenues less than $500,000 will still be able to pay the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour, according to the report.


The raise will affect around 288,000 of the lowest paid Minnesotan workers, MPR News reports.


The new level compares to South Dakota’s $8.50, Illinois’ $8.25 and Michigan’s $8.25 per hour, making Minnesota’s the highest minimum wage away from the east and west coast, the report states.


The raise is going to be the second of three annual increases with an increase up to $9.50 per hour next August and increases attached to inflation then on, according to Twin Cities Business Magazine .

States like California, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Maryland are planning future wage hikes up to $10 per hour, the report states.