The other first-year students

The U should improve its orientation program for transfer students.

by Daily Editorial Board

Each year more students opt to transfer to the Twin Cities campus later in their college careers. In the last five years alone, the number of new transfer students admitted to the Twin Cities campus has increased by 38 percent âÄî they are a significant part of the student body. As such, the University of Minnesota should provide these students with adequate resources to transition smoothly to their new campus upon arrival. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Transfer students can choose to do a short online orientation and then participate in an on-campus half-day orientation, or spend a full day on campus in which they register for classes and become acquainted with the campus.

Neither of these options provides enough resources for new transfer students to feel fully prepared to enter the University. Both of the options fail to provide opportunities for transfer students to become familiar with their new community and meet other students.

The full day orientation âÄî which should include opportunities and activities for students to meet others and get involved in clubs and student organizations âÄî should be mandatory. An orientation even longer than the full day should also be an option âÄî perhaps a “Welcome Weekend.”

While it is true that transfers are already familiar to some degree with the college experience, moving to a university of this size on a completely new campus requires additional time and preparation. Making an easy transition academically speaking is important, but students should also transfer with the feeling that they are connected to campus. A better orientation is the first step.