Billie Joe loves The Crush

The Crush: Here Is Where I Cross My Fingers (Adeline Records)

by Nathan Hall

Local punkers take note: Schmoozing with Billie Joe Armstrong is definitely beneficial to your health. Since the Green Day front man semi-migrated to the land of 10,000 lakes to follow his sweetheart, things are looking quite a bit rosier for Twin City hopefuls. Case in point: maudlin hardcore outfit The Crush, who until recently was just yet another cut off the old emo cloth with a forgettable name, drowning in a burgeoning sea of like-minded competition. Enter Adeline Records, Armstrong’s pet label, to save the day by fronting the cash needed to record a truly gorgeous sounding album.

To be fair, this is not the mold-shattering manna from heaven that many a fanzine has prematurely proclaimed thus far. However, the production is impeccable and comes highly recommended for anyone who is already into underground emo-core fare a la Thursday. Also, hats off to the boys for breathing new life into the old Lifter Puller gem, “Mission Viejo.” The Crush’s woebegone tales of missed phone calls, forbidden glances, and youthful anticipation is certainly nothing groundbreaking. Instead, what sets them heads and shoulders above the pack is Eric Olsen’s über-snazzy recording. If there was any justice left in the world, Olsen would have a Grammy collecting dust on the shelf by now.