Culture Compass: You better Belieb it

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, pussycats.

by Simon Benarroch



Led Zeppelin’s Not-Reunion Tour


AMC Rosedale, 850 Rosedale Center


7:30 p.m.


Sold out


You call yourself a fan of the Zep? Prove it. Last night was the first night that theaters across the U.S. showed a two-hour film celebrating the rock band. “Celebration Day” features most of the crew (the ones who aren’t dead) getting together at a charity concert honoring the deceased president of Atlantic Records. Tonight’s your last chance to go see it. Sound unmissable? Congratulations. You haven’t disgraced that stack of vinyls in your uncle’s basement.




Night of the Undead Bowling Bash


St. Paul Student Center, Gopher Spot


7 p.m.


The best part about bowling is that it’s a sport that expects you to forget about it halfway through. I guess that makes it well-suited for Friday’s zombies vs. vampires bowl-off. What may start as a heated contest of who can knock the most things down with another thing will fade as the theme of the night invites incisive discussions of which made-up half-dead thing is cooler.

If you’re cool, you’ll wear a costume. Zombie representatives can just wear whatever rags they haven’t thrown away since last weekend. Zombie costumes age like wine. As for the vampires, don’t even bother dressing up — just wear a hoodie and some stonewashed jeans. And be attractive.





Justin Bieber


Target Center, 600 N. First Ave., Minneapolis




Everyone’s got a take on Justin Bieber. People get so wrapped up in either hating his music or listening to it ironically that they forget the most important thing about the guy —he’s powerful.

Just think about that. As his audience approaches voting age — he’s already there — just think of the sway this guy could have. And you don’t want to get one measly peek?




Watch this: a good Korean movie


There must some wonderful drug in Korea’s water that makes their filmmakers so skilled with the nuances of good drama and all the tricks involved in twisting plots in pretty knots.

If you’ve seen a Korean movie, it was probably “Oldboy.” If you haven’t, that’s a good place to start, but it’s far from the best Korean film Netflix has to offer.

Watch “Barking Dogs Never Bite” if you want to skeeve yourself out with a dark comedy that plays on the stresses of college life. It’s about a graduate student learning the slippery ropes of higher education who decides to kill his neighbor’s dog. And that’s just how it starts. Give it a watch, see how the insane plot unfolds and give Boiler Kim my regards.



Eat this: a sandwich


We’re deep in sweatshirt season here. Nobody can tell muscle from cloth from fat under all that, so make yourself comfortable for God’s sake. Tear yourself between the many fine sandwich shops in the University area. Potbelly is pretty cheap and crazy good, but Jimmy John’s is always there for you. Then again, they can’t be bothered to stick a sub in a microwave. Erbert and Gerbert’s lets you eat those little bread guts, but something about the word “Gerbert’s” makes me want to have nothing to do with them. Honestly, it’s a toss-up. No matter where you go, do what the bears (human and non) do. Pack it on, cover it up and get some sleep.


Drink this: yerba mate tea


As a college student, there are going to be times when you need to stay awake. Maybe one of those times you’re short of cash — perhaps you bought an expensive ticket recently — and you can’t afford the coffee required to keep the Sandman from getting in your face. Those times call for yerba mate, an ancient tea that boasts thrice the caffeine of your average cup of coffee. This stuff was used by the Spanish Conquistadores to keep edgy as they faced the worshipers of Quetzalcoatl. Not only did those boys mop up, they stayed totally wired the whole time.