Daily Digest: New U AIDS research, Central Corridor could be delayed

by Mike Rose

Jumping right in…

*U researchers reported today that they have found a way to block transmission of the virus that causes AIDS in animals, the Star Tribune reports. The research was done on a group of female monkeys, so while researchers are optimisitc and hopeful that the findings will impact humans, they are cautioning that work has only been done on animals at this point.

*This one’s off the University radar a bit, but local sports fans should know the name: Minnesota Vikings center and St. Paul native Matt Birk signed with the Baltimore Ravens today, also according to the Star Tribune.

*Lastly, a St. Paul City Council meeting tonight could provide a roadblock to the Central Corridor, WCCO reports. A vote tonight will decide if a Lowertown building can be used as a train garage for the light-rail line. If it is decided the building can’t be used, construction could be delayed a year and federal funding could be threatened.