Ke$ha <3’s Kondoms

by Martina Marosi

This spring, on her “Get Sleazy” tour, Ke$ha will stock her signature glitter cannon with condoms, blowing loads all over the audience who will be able to “play it safe while getting sleazy.”

They will hopefully bring down her egregious 2:1 STI to Attendees ratio, but will continue to confirm the reputation of Ke$ha’s live shows as a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to have some anonymous sex.

A new feature unique to her spring 2011 tour, the condoms may be intended to curb the fictitious instances of women who get pregnant at Ke$ha’s shows, and later give birth to infants who come out covered in glitter.

It’s mainly a promo for LifeStyle condoms, who have designed custom Ke$ha condom packaging for the event. There’s also talks of a Lady Gaga edition, which would the first condom to have an 8 inch heel.

Condoms may also pose an easier cleanup to glitter, which Demetri Martin called “the herpes of craft supplies,” though the real STI may also make a surprise guest appearance a few months into the evening.

In all, a good way for audiences to simultaneously have fun and scoop up some free shag shwag.

LifeStyle (also on twitter) is also involved in promotional events like chances to win free Ke$ha tickets and the handout of limited-edition condoms. There’s rumors they will soon debut their latest creation in xxxmas 2012, which is a condom that actually has sex for you.