Don’t forget the staff

I have worked in the Mayo Building for more than four years and I went to school here in the early 1970s. I’m frankly amazed that The Minnesota Daily and the people responsible for Coffman Union’s renovation pretend that the only people that matter are the students.

Thousands and thousands of staff and employees of the University, UMPhysicians, and Fairview-University Medical Center read the Daily and intend to use Coffman Union. Many of us are alumni.

The Daily basically ignores us campus workers. There’s rarely any news in the Daily that campus workers find useful and interesting. It is clearly made by students for students.

Similarly, it’s obvious that Coffman Union’s renovation did not consider us either. The food court is 75 percent fast “junk” food, much of it is no healthier than McDonald’s. A sit-down breakfast place is lacking and will sorely be missed.

I would hope that while the Daily and Coffman Union are primarily concerned with students here at the University, they would not lose sight of the fact that there are many thousands of nonstudents working on campus who read the Daily and go to Coffman Union. Don’t forget us.

Barry Margolis


Medical Center staff