New charges shadow the Citadel

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Three female Citadel cadets were assigned to a company that called itself “Der Stalag” and glorified Nazi symbols, two former male cadets alleged in court papers Monday.
“There appears to be a tradition of Nazi symbols among some Citadel cadets, concentrated among cadets who The Citadel has chosen as officers and leaders,” Craig Belsole and Dan Eggars allege. Belsole and Eggars allege college officials were told about the hazing last year of Jeanie Mentavlos and Kim Messer and did nothing.. The college denies that and disciplined Belsole and Eggars for failing to report the hazing.
Ms. Mentavlos and Ms. Messer left school last winter, saying their clothes were set afire with nail polish remover, cleanser was put on their heads and they were forced to stand in a closet while being shoved and kicked.
Two other women, Nancy Mace and Petra Lovetinska, completed their freshman year last week without making any hazing complaints.
Ms. Messer, Ms. Mentavlos and Ms. Lovetinska were all assigned to a group of cadets called Echo Company, which has a metal file locker with the title “Der Stalag Clerks,” and a picture inside of a young man giving a Nazi salute, Belsole and Eggars allege.
Some cadets wore T-shirts with red swastikas during the 1993-94 school year, the pair said.
“I haven’t seen a swastika. I believe I have been in every company in the place and I have never seen a swastika,” Citadel spokesman Terry Leedom said Monday.