UMPD to crack down on bikers, pedestrians

Scholars Walk is a trouble spot for bicycle dismount.

by Kyle Richard Sando

University of Minnesota police will step up enforcement of biking and pedestrian laws this week.

Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said University police has received many complaints from pedestrians across campus about bikers ignoring signs telling them to walk their bikes through congested areas. It has set plans in motion to start citing bikers for disobeying the signs later this week.

The total fine for biking in a pedestrian area will be $115.

The signs prohibiting biking through congested areas have been up for a couple of weeks, Miner said, and bikers are clearly not heeding them.

Pedestrians illegally crossing city streets will also be under a closer watch by law enforcement, Miner said. He said there will be officers dedicated exclusively to the enforcement of bike and pedestrian laws across campus.

Increased enforcement is part of the UniversityâÄôs âÄúSafety is Easy. The Pavement is Hard.âÄù campaign, which calls attention to the congestion on campus due to construction, he said.

One of the main problem areas is the Scholars Walk, which runs from near Walter Library to the McNamara Alumni Center. The sidewalk on the south side of Washington Avenue is also a concern.

âÄúTheyâÄôre continuing to ride through these areas, posing a danger to pedestrians,âÄù he said.

Parking and Transportation Services has posted a biking map on its site that shows where bikers can and canâÄôt ride.

âÄúThey can certainly still walk their bikes through those areas. They just canâÄôt ride them,âÄù Miner said.