Voting for MSA, GAPSA ends at 8 p.m.

Students can vote online for next year’s leaders.

Jenna Wilcox

After two days of voting, undergraduate students will have until 8 p.m. Wednesday to cast their votes for next year’s president and vice president of the Minnesota Student

Graduate and professional students can also vote in the election for Graduate and Professional Student Assembly president.

MSA and GAPSA are the undergraduate and graduate student governing bodies that advocate for and represent students at the University of Minnesota. Both organizations host events and activities, as well as offer grants.

All-Campus Elections Commission members have been soliciting voters on the West Bank and East Bank this week. On Wednesday, they will finish at the St. Paul Student Center, but students can also vote online at

MSA presidential candidates, Colter Heirigs and Taylor Williams, and vice presidential candidates, Angela Ugorets and Jilian Koski, have been campaigning for student support in a variety of ways including: tabling in residence halls, posting flyers and taking advantage of social media.

Brittany Edwards is the only candidate running for the GAPSA presidency, but there is an opportunity for write-in candidates.

Last year 3,428 students voted in the MSA election, but the number of voters in the GAPSA election more than doubled compared last year with 1,549 votes and 668 votes in 2010.Voting closes online at 8 p.m. Wednesday.