Apple unveils new iPad, Apple TV upgrades

Jeff Hargarten


Apple’s newest iPad will go on sale next Friday, the Associated Press reported.

During an unveiling event in San Francisco today, Apple announced the device will be released Mar. 16 in the U.S.

The new iPad boasts a sharper screen with retina display technology, faster processing speeds and a better camera. It will be available on several new high-speed service providers.

The starting price for basic models will be $499, with cellular versions costing between $629 and $829.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the “post-PC” era of computing is being defined by his company’s products. Apple sold 172 million iPods, iPhones and iPads last year, Cook said, products that now comprise 76 percent of the company’s sales.

The company also announced users will be able to store movies on its iCloud online storage service, allowing people to access movies from multiple Internet-enabled devices wherever they are.

Other announcements included an Apple TV upgrade to allow for 1080p movie playback, one of the highest video resolutions available. The new Apple TV will also go on sale next week.