Growth comes at a cost

The metro area, and specifically the University of Minnesota campus, has seen an immense surge in not only population but development in the last decade, as Tyler Gieseke outlined in his April 22 article, “U area on trend for growth.” As more people enter the metro looking for housing and jobs, the demand for reasonably priced housing has skyrocketed. Even in the few years I have lived around the University, I have witnessed firsthand how serious of a problem this has become. There is still fairly adequate housing for University students around surrounding neighborhoods such as Como and Prospect Park. However, the closer one wishes to live near Dinkytown and campus, the more evident it is that you must pay the price — literally. With student housing and nearby apartment rates reaching unprecedented levels, it’s clear that more development will be sorely needed, especially around transit areas. I believe that the growth is a good thing for both the city and the University, but adequate planning and communication between the University and the surrounding neighborhoods is crucial.