Karl Rove is not welcome here

Rachel Pollack

As I was thumbing through The Minnesota Daily on Wednesday, I noticed that Karl Rove is coming to this campus to speak and promote his new book. I am appalled that the conservative campus groups sponsoring this event have chosen to bring such a despicable man to our campus. I am not opposed to Rove being a conservative âÄî that is absolutely valid and should be promoted. I am opposed to RoveâÄôs dangerous, vocal opinions and the misguided choices he made while helping lead this country. Rove stated in a BBC interview last month that he was proud we waterboarded terrorists and continues to maintain that waterboarding is not torture. I went to Amazon to look inside his book; some chapter titles that caught my eye were âÄúKing of the College Republicans,âÄù âÄúConquering TexasâÄù and âÄúBush Was Right on Iraq.âÄù Rove has continuously spouted the kind of garbage on Fox News that demeans the conservative standpoint and causes moderates like myself to side more with liberal views. I know some conservatives on this campus. I know they are reasonable, kind people, and I know they arenâÄôt stupid. Bringing Rove to this campus, however, is a stupid choice. He does not deserve the support of this campus or any of its students. Rachel Pollack University undergraduate student