Christiansen, Franklin party on despite their third-place finish

Minnesota Student Association candidates Jared Christiansen and Mike Franklin awaited the results of the MSA elections Wednesday night at Franklin’s house with members of the College Republicans — who never endorsed their campaign — and a keg of beer.
“It’s a victory party whether we win or lose,” Franklin said.
Christiansen, Franklin and friends waited for their call while watching “The Big Lebowski” and drinking beer.
After being notified at 7 p.m. they placed third, with 438 of 2,996 votes, they continued watching.
“At least I don’t have to be their goddamn president,” Christiansen said.
They eventually joked about the possibility of running again next year.
However, Christiansen and Franklin said they probably won’t run for MSA office next year because they are both graduating. If they had been elected, they had intended to abolish MSA and return the student fees money allocated to the group to students.
It was the only issue they ran on.
Despite their loss, they were encouraged by the activity that their Web site had attracted Wednesday morning, receiving more than 600 hits.
“We have beer,” Franklin said referring to the celebration they would have had — win or lose.

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