Air pollution advisory for metro area

Bryna Godar

Anticipating increases in ozone pollution, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency issued an air pollution health advisory for the metro area from noon until midnight on Monday, July 2, according to a news release.

The Air Quality Index is expected to reach 97 AQI in the Twin Cities Monday, just below conditions considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. The release reported that south-southeasterly winds may carry wildfire smoke, increasing air pollution. Forecasted temperatures in the mid-90s and sunny skies are also contributing factors.

The release warns those with respiratory or cardiovascular problems to limit physical activity during the day, as well as young children and the elderly.

Ozone and fine particles can be drawn deeply into the lungs, so the release advises to reduce activities that involve deep or accelerated breathing. Even healthy individuals can experience health effects.

If the Air Quality Index exceeds 101, the MPCA will issue an air pollution alert.