Franken for Senate

As an advocate for a free press I respect the editorial board of The Minnesota DailyâÄôs right to endorse political candidates, though I believe Al Franken is the best choice for students who want a change in the government. Your motives behind endorsing Dean Barkley, while noble, are misguided. You claim Barkley runs only positive ads, yet his first ad was negative. Barkley may claim to represent Minnesotans, but where was this civil-mindedness when he was a lobbyist for Lorillard Tobacco? Barkley may not âÄúpanderâÄù to college students and their families with any sort of plan to deal with raising tuition, so I wonder how the Daily can support him when the editorial published below the endorsement was about how the University is a return of investment for the state. Only Al FrankenâÄôs plan possesses the necessary investment in education that is so sorely needed. Contrary to your assertion, Franken provides a detailed method for paying for his $5,000 per student college tax credit for families making up to $200,000 by letting tax breaks for those making more than $1 million to expire. Al Franken doesnâÄôt make promises he cannot keep, and with your support, we can elect someone on Nov. 4 who will put our interests before special interests. Chris Glenski, University student