Firebomb placed at home of Rabin’s assassin

JERUSALEM (AP) — A firebomb was thrown Wednesday near the home of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin but was extinguished by passers-by, the killer’s mother said.
The incident happened a day after vandals spray-painted “Rabin is a traitor” on a Jerusalem memorial to the prime minister who was shot dead by an ultra-nationalist Jew, Yigal Amir, during a peace rally in November 1995. The outlawed anti-Arab Kach group claimed responsibility for defacing the memorial.
Amir, who killed Rabin to stop the land-for-peace process with the Palestinians, is serving life in prison.
Amir’s mother, Geula, said a firebomb, with its fuse lit, was discovered early Wednesday near the gate of the family’s home in the central town of Herzliya by passers-by who extinguished it.