Daily Digest: Dungy reflects, U Idol contestant ‘pummeled’

Mike Rose

A very happy Wednesday to you all. Here’s some quick news for your viewing pleasure:

Tony Dungy on Letterman, courtesy AP photos.

*The New York Times has a good read out today on Tony Dungy, the retired NFL coach who once called the University of Minnesota home as a QB. Dungy, best known as the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl, stepped away from the game he loves about a month ago after his team’s season ended.

*Casey Carlson, the U student who is among 36 finalists on American Idol, was "pummeled" by judges last night, according to the Star Tribune. Apparently, none of them liked her song choice: "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by the Police. Notorious sour-puss Simon Cowell said,"You couldn’t have picked a worse song. It’s karaoke. … You had one massive opportunity, and you just threw it away." Ouch. Luckily for Carlson, the 20-year-old from Eden Praire, her fate will be decided by fans’ voting tonight.

Casey Carlson, courtesy Fox.

*Lastly, Facebook (a website you may have heard of…) has reversed its decision to change its terms of use after a slew of controversey from users, the AP reports. Angry users claimed that the changes gave Facebook too much control over the site’s content, essentially granting Facebook with control over user content. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg disagreed, saying in a blog: "on Facebook, people own their information and control who they share it with."