Dorm food

The services provided by the University Dining Services are great; however, there are many issues at UDS that are not student-friendly. I live in Sanford Hall, which has just built a new dining center. Meals are very enjoyable with the new tables, flatware and very sanitary facilities. Since the beginning of the year, I have started to notice that the dining service is lacking in urging students to eat healthy food and does not always provide balanced or healthy meals.

Last Tuesday, the dining hall served pasta and sauce for lunch. Next to the pasta they had many cheeses to use as a topping. For dinner, lasagna was served, as well as two other entrees. In one day they served two meals high in carbohydrates, allowing students to eat an unhealthy variety of foods. Every day, grilled cheese and hamburgers are served. I enjoy eating both of those, but by providing them everyday is just encouraging students to form horrible eating habits. Students may start to think that since these foods are being provided on a regular basis, they must be okay to eat. I know it is close to impossible to satisfy the hunger of 600 students in one residential hall, but somehow, the message needs to get across that those foods are not healthy.

I know it will be hard to find ways to improve the foods offered at the dining hall and the hours that they are open, but I believe that it is possible to find a compromise. If each residential hall would put together a committee that would work closely with the dining hall to plan out healthy meals and convenient hours, many students would be happy. Residential halls could also promote more students to work at UDS, providing more help in order to keep the dining halls open later.