Sex & the City Sequel?

by Kara Nesvig

Kim Catrall was on the Today show (I think it was the Today show, anyway. . . my mid-morning TV watching starts to blur together, what with all the "Let’s Choose a Puppy for the Obama Girls!" and "Finding the Best Heater for Your Home" segments) yesterday talking about some project or other that she’s involved in when she let it slip that they’re pretty much cemented into making another "Sex and the City" movie.


Another? Is this necessary? What sort of plotlines can they come up with? Carrie’s married, Charlotte has 2 kids, Miranda’s life is good, and Samantha is still having lots of sex. Case closed. And the outfits? I can’t even begin to imagine what the genius Pat Field will pull together, only it’ll be a lot less fun. The fun of the TV show was the mix of big-name labels, vintage, and thrift-store finds, but the film wardrobe was basically ALL designer, and name-dropping designer at that. I had to love the first movie because of my undying love for the series, but I think I’m gonna have a few more bones (haha) to pick with the sequel.