Thanks for lineup, Spring Jam

by Spencer Doar

Spring Jam ‘s lineup is official, and what can be said but a big fat meh.  Mac Miller, Mod Sun and Earl Sweatshirt.  How stereotypical can a lineup get?  This practically screams college cookie-cutter concert.  Was Asher Roth the talent consultant? 

I’m being harsh — Earl Sweatshirt has substantive artistic merit as a rapper, while unfortunately being involved in one of the most childish hip-hop collectives of all time, Odd Future Wolf Gang Who Cares. But the others…

The only real potential for surprise merit now lies solely in the hands of whoever wins the Spring Jam Battle of the Bands. That winner will round out the lineup.   

I hope somebody brings instrumentation because if this is just hours of bad performances coupled with some dude in a fitted on turntables, attendees are going to be left pretty PO’ed that this was the year they got charged to enter.  

Looks like the freebie concerts offered on Thursday and Friday might be the real steal of Spring Jam.