Women’s Hockey Sunday: Minnesota v. Wisconsin Round 2

Paul Cordes

One could almost sense that 3 periods of hockey wasn’t enough to finish up the series between the No.1 and No. 2 teams in the country. And anyone who had that sense is right. With score knotted at 3-3, we’ll head to overtime to sort this one out. —– Minnesota came out in the second half ready to go. Just 45 seconds in Jocelyne Lamoureux fired a shot over the right should of Vetter to tie this thing up at 2. —– Well Minnesota definitely owned the 2nd period as far as shots on goal and offensive pressure but it was Wisconsin that came away with the goal. With under two minutes remaining, the Badgers’ Kyla Sanders found the net for Wisconsin to tie up the game. and then a minute later, Hilary Knight went top shelf to give the Badgers the lead. The Gophers had themselves a little defensives breakdown as Wisconsin was able to put a lot of pressure on Grogan. After 2 complete, its Wisconsin up, 2-1. —- Minnesota again looks like a faster and better team than Wisconsin, much like yesterday. The Gophers again got on the board first and early in the first half as Anne Schleper found the back of the net at 12:16 while Minnesota was on a 5-on-3 advantage. Special teams have been a plus for the Gophers as well as they killed an important 2-skater advantage in the final 2 minutes of the first half, keeping the Badgers scoreless. 1-0 Minnesota after 1 period of play. —-

Well I’m playing utility today and editing as well as rockin’ the women’s hockey beat so blog posts will be limited, but I’ll keep things as up to the minute as possible.

Today is likely the most important game of the season, as it essentially decides a conference champions. Granted both teams have four games remaining on their schedules, however, the Gophers and Badgers are a combined 8-0 agains the those teams.

We’ll see how Wisconsin goaltender Jessie Vetter can come back today after giving up 4 goals yesterday and It’ll be interesting to see who coach Brad James puts in the net for the Gophers today. I’ll let you know when its announced.