Student Services Fees Committee should reconsider funding levels for on-campus Christian groups

I was distressed and dismayed as I read through the initial Student Services Fees recommendations.

The idea that the three most vocal Christian proselytizing groups on campus âÄî Campus Crusade for Christ, Saint PaulâÄôs Outreach and the Impact Movement âÄî received a total of more than $100,000 of our student fees money when secular or non-Christian religious groups received far less funding troubles me.

How can the SSFC justify giving so much money to groups where active conversion is part of these groupsâÄô mission statements?

Think of the uproar if Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists received $78,724 âÄî the same amount that Saint PaulâÄôs Outreach has been recommended.

I strongly urge the SSFC to rethink how they dole out money, lest they be seen as condoning on-campus conversion and supporting Christianity over all other opinions.