Better mental health care

The University increased mental health care services for students.

Editorial board

The University of Minnesota takes mental health seriously and provides exceptional resources for students. After a recent high demand for mental health treatment from students, the University has responded in more than one way.

The Boynton Health Service Mental Health Clinic increased staff availability, and, more recently, the University hired two psychologists specifically for athletes. This response to the increased demand for care shows the University is working hard to take care of students to provide meaningful services. After years of increased demand for mental health treatment, Boynton hired an additional psychiatrist and bumped one staff member up to full time last April. The waitlist to see a therapist went from a month or more to two weeks.

Early this October, the UniversityâÄôs athletic department hired two sports psychologists to provide services to athletes. The athletic department is helping out all students by providing in-house mental health care for athletes, as well as keeping space open for non-athletes at the Mental Health Clinic.

The University and the Mental Health Clinic are on the right track when it comes to providing for students. With the stress of classes, work, internships and financial issues, mental health treatment is a crucial resource for students.

Students should be grateful that the University has put extra care in a place that directly helps its students. With the waitlist at the Mental Health Clinic under control and easy access to therapy for athletes, seeking help for mental illnesses is more accessible than before.

As the year progresses and finals arrive, Boynton and the athletic department are prepared to help students take care of themselves.