New iPhone bug may let hackers into your files

by David Litin

Within 48 hours of its release, hackers in Berlin found a new way to hack the iPhone 5s Fingerprint Reader, Forbes reported.

The hackers were able to crack the new feature using old-school hacking techniques — a fake finger wrapped in latex — according to the Pioneer Press.

Using baby powder to make the fingerprints more visible, the hackers cleaned up the image, printed it and put it on a fake finger to unlock the phone, Bloomberg Businessweek reported.

Jose Rodriguez, a 36-year-old solider living in Spain, was also able to crack the security feature by swiping up on the lock screen to get access to the control center where he could turn off the alarm clock, Forbes reported. He was then able to tap the "cancel" button to unlock the phone.

Apple hasn't commented on the security system, according to The Atlantic Wire, which the company called "the most advanced … we've put in any device."