Star Tribune runs full-page ad promoting tolerance

by Raj Chaduvula

Dozens of Minnesota government, professional and academic leaders — including University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler — denounced anti-Muslim prejudice in an advertisement in the Star Tribune’s Monday issue.
The ad, signed by a total of 50 people, asks Minnesotans to tap into values like “sleeve-worn courage, goodness and kindness.” 
Rep. Keith Ellison, DFL-MN, said in an email statement the ad was conceived after recent increases in anti-Muslim rhetoric had negative effects on Minnesota Muslims. 
Ellison said in the statement he hopes those who read the ad will feel inspired to speak out against prejudice towards Muslim-Americans. 
The Star Tribune reported that the Ellison wanted the ad to run on Monday, the day of the Iowa caucuses in hopes of sending a message that Minnesota leaders would not endorse anti-Muslim rhetoric with their silence.