Giving a serious issue shock treatment

I find the arguments interesting when looking at the two sides of the debate over abortion in our country. On one side, you have a lively debate using ideals such as planning, choices, and reproductive rights. On the other side, as you can currently see in the so-called cultural center of our campus, the argument has been reduced to half-truths, and medical photographs.

It’s disheartening to know the administration and the student body find this disgrace an appropriate forum for the discussion of such an important contemporary issue. There is no active discussion of the appropriate issues, there is no lively debate – only one-sided propaganda at its finest.

What does it suggest when one side of an issue has to shock people into “belief” instead of using logic, argument and truth? This display is a sorry contradiction of the words inscribed on Northrop Auditorium itself. We are “ennobled by understanding,” not this. Frankly, I think these propagandists should be ashamed.