The University should put its money where its mouth is

You may have been living under a rock if you hadn’t heard that University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler has recommended more than $20 million in administrative savings in just the next year as he marches toward his goal of $90 million in cuts by fiscal year 2019.

Past stories targeting the University’s administrative bloat have been awarded front-page status in the Minnesota Daily, so I was particularly stunned to find a story, “New admin. to address student life,” on page 4 of the June 4–10 Daily touting that the University will add a vice provost for student experience to its leadership team this fall. A University director also told the Daily that the University will add another new administrative spot to the Graduate School this fall, which will focus on the academic and professional development of graduate students.

After 30 or more years at the University as a dedicated employee, one thing I have certainly learned is the University doesn’t always mean what it says.