Robin Thicke – “Paula”

by Grant Tillery

Robin Thicke’s latest album, “Paula,” is a pathetic ploy to coax his estranged wife Paula Patton back into his embrace.  Primed for release July 1st, Thicke dropped the tracklist and album art yesterday.  Gone is Thicke’s trademark wispy hair; he looks plaintively at the ground in a buzz-cut on the Technicolor album cover.  It’s a portrait of a man who knows he’s done wrong.

The album’s single, “Get Her Back,” cements Thicke as a poor man’s Justin Timberlake.  He drivels on about his burning desire for Patton, and his lyrics are written at the level of a third-grader.  Thicke’s nauseating desperation is more likely to creep Patton out that win her affection back.

Ditto the rest of the tracklist, peppered with gems like “You’re My Fantasy,” “Still Madly Crazy” and “Love Can Grow Back.” If she’s wise, Patton will dismiss “Paula” as little more than Thicke’s half-hearted effort to win her back.