Yes, let’s talk about unions

We are writing to express our dismay at the Minnesota DailyâÄôs misleading coverage of the recent union information session. The DailyâÄôs editorial âÄúLetâÄôs talk about unionsâÄù claimed that union supporters âÄúseem unwilling to allowâÄù discussion on the issue of unionization. This editorial was evidently based on the DailyâÄôs April 26 story, âÄúCOGS and GAPSA feel weight of union support,âÄù which contained accusations of misconduct against the union, to which organizers were given no opportunity to respond.

The story presented the panel session as the first opening of dialogue about unionization, ignoring the many months of discussions involving thousands of graduate student employees that preceded this session.

GSWU/UAW had no say in the terms under which we would participate during the organization of this event. Despite the highly problematic circumstances under which this event came about, GSWU/UAW participated precisely because we are committed to public dialogue on this issue.

Throughout this process, we have only asked to have an equal say in the terms under which that discussion occurs.

The DailyâÄôs April 27 editorial called on the union to talk. We are writing to clarify that it is our job as union organizers to communicate accurately and openly with graduate student workers.

The union is not some shadowy, elusive organization; we are right here in the open. As this union campaign moves forward, we want to call on the Daily to give us a fair shake. Yes, Daily, letâÄôs talk about unions!